What is the best natural rubber dummy?

If you’re keen to take advantage of the benefits a natural rubber dummy offers, the next step is to decide which one is the best natural rubber dummy. To help you make that decision we have listed a few things you should consider:

 1. Look for 100% natural rubber not just a little bit

The most important thing to look for is that the dummy is made from 100% natural rubber and not just a piece, such as the teat. The main reason for this is that single piece is safer and more hygienic as there are no parts that can separate or joints that can make a lovely home for bacteria. Other reasons include the fact that babies often put other areas of the dummy in their mouth and that if the dummy is made completely of natural rubber it’s therefore completely biodegradable and free from any nasties.

2. Australian standards for Australian babies

As Australian parents it is also good to look for the best natural dummy for Australian babies. The best way to do that would be to make sure the dummy meets Australian safety standards as these regulations have been created with our high safety standards in mind.

3. Considering the planet looks different for Australians vs other countries

One of the great benefits of a natural rubber dummy is that they are better for the planet as a dummy made of only biodegradable natural rubber and no plastics. You can look after the planet even more if you find a dummy that is made with sustainability and the environment in mind. Take the effort to investigate the brands values and find a company that will have the lowest carbon footprint for Australians. An Australian company that manufactures in a neighboring country would help support the environment rather than one that manufactures further away in Europe or the Americas.


So which are the best natural rubber dummies for Australian babies?

Cub & Bear Co dummies are made from a single piece of natural rubber so they are natural & completely free of any nasties. This makes them easy to clean as there are no ridges or cracks for dirt to accumulate in and have a large round nipple that babies find easy to suck and hold in.

They have been made to meet Australian standards and are made in Malaysia by a company that is focused on sustainability. Then they are sent directly to Australia.

Cub & Bear Co’s soothers also come in beautiful colours to appeal to stylish parents.

 If you’re looking for the best natural rubber dummy that will compliment any outfit check out our our 100% natural rubber dummies with food contact pigment -  sage green natural rubber dummy or our blush pink natural rubber dummy.

The best natural rubber dummiesThe best blush natural rubber dummy