About Us

About Cub & Bear Co

Cub & Bear Co was born out of a love of beautiful, ecofriendly and thoughtfully designed pieces for babies. With that in mind we aim to create quality products that are a little bit safer, planet friendly and more practical without compromising on style. Products that are good enough they can be loved by both mama bear and her cub.

Style, thoughtfulness & earth love are compatible with our much loved range. 

The Aussie family behind the brand

We're a family run business, a father daughter team who through being a ‘Mum’ and a ‘Pa’ ourselves saw a need for beautiful practical products that are also better for baby and the planet, as it felt like often products were only one or the other. We’re constantly on the lookout for products that need a little improvement in the style, quality or ecofriendly department to add to our range but ideas come from everywhere so if you have one we’d love to hear it.