Eco friendly guide

Choosing an eco friendly dummy is one more way you can limit you impact on our planet. Our dummies are kind to our earth in a few ways:

They are biodegradable – Avoid increasing pollution by choosing a dummy that will decompose. To dispose of our dummies, observe recycling standards for natural rubber in your local area or compost using hot composting techniques.

They are made from sustainable materials – We’re proud to partner with such an amazing company that ensures our materials are sustainable through replanting rubber trees and investing in research and development.

We aim to limit waste -After creating the dummies the processed water is treated before it is discharged & left-over rubber is converted into things like playground floor mats. Our packaging is compostable, and any marketing material is ideally online and if it has to be printed it’s on recycled paper.

We work with an ethical manufacturer- Being earth friendly also extends to the people who live in it so we’ve partnered with a manufacturer that looks after their staff and ethically makes our dummies under fair trade terms and conditions.

Lower carbon footprint - By partnering with a Malaysian manufacturer we are able to provide Australians with a lower carbon footprint product as opposed to other rubber dummies made and packed in Europe or USA.