Why choose a rubber dummy over regular plastic dummies?

If you care about what you put in your baby’s mouth you should know that rubber is a natural alternative, so it offers the following benefits over plastic:

  • Rubber can help limit your child’s exposure to harmful endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is used to harden plastics and is harmful to humans, particularly infants and children.
  • Rubber is naturally soft, so it doesn’t leave marks on babies faces and creates a comforting association with a breast, all without chemical softeners.
  • Rubber dummies are made from the sap of a rubber tree so can easily be molded into a single piece so there are not parts that can separate or harbor bacteria.
  • Rubber is also good for the planet as it’s biodegradable.


When looking for a rubber dummy don’t settle for a rubber teat attached to a plastic shield. Eliminate all plastic and opt for a one-piece construction made from only natural rubber. Babies tend to put all parts of the dummy in their mouth (like most things) so giving them something that is completely natural is ideal.


The good news is rubber dummies don’t have to be that boring yellow colour, now you can get sustainably made of 100 percent natural rubber dummies crafted in beautiful colours. Checkout our blush pink natural rubber dummy or even a sage green natural rubber dummy.

Coloured 100% Natural Rubber Dummies   Coloured natural rubber dummies  coloured natural rubber dummies