Tell me about the quality & safety standards

We pride ourselves on creating dummies of the highest quality because we want to offer products that not only look good but are good. To ensure our high standards we do a few things:

  1. Use natural materials - Our rubber is moulded from the sap of a Hevea brasiliensis tree and nothing else. That means it’s naturally soft, biodegradable and free from any harmful chemicals making it safer than some plastics.
  2. Ensure our materials are sustainable – We want to limit our impact on the planet but making sure this natural resource doesn’t disappear so we partner with a manufacturer that invests in protecting the Hevea brasiliensis through replanting and investing in research and development.
  3. Work with a manufacturer we’re proud of – We partner with a manufacturer that not only has many years of experience creating quality rubber products, but believes in creating a better environment for their workers and the world around them. They ethically make our dummies under fair trade terms and conditions, clean the water they use before discharging it, they meet all the standards regarding public water ways and recycle leftover rubber so that it can be converted into products such as rubber floor mats used in playgrounds.
  4. Consciously choosing to be eco friendly - By partnering with a Malaysian manufacturer we are able to provide Australians & New Zealanders with a lower carbon footprint product as opposed to other rubber dummies made and packed in Europe or USA. Additionally, our dummies and packaging are all compostable and any marketing material is ideally online and if it has to be printed it’s on recycled paper.
  1. Guarantee high quality control - Our dummies are created under the strictest quality & hygiene regulations. The excellent quality assurance system is implemented throughout the whole production process, right from the source of the raw materials to the end products. And unlike some dummies every single one of our dummies are tested by hand.
  2. Meet if not exceed all safety standards - Safety is extremely important to us so our dummies are independently tested and we're proud to say they meet both Australian and European standards.


Cub & Bear Co Dummies Meet AU Safety Standards Cub & Bear Co Dummies Meet EU Safety Standards