Rubber Dummy Care Instructions


When you first open your dummy they will feel greasy as we stop them from drying out by coating them in a fine layer of oil. To remove the oil simply immerse the dummies in boiling water for 5 minutes. Always allow to cool and squeeze the teat to release any trapped water.

You’ll also notice the dummies have a natural odour, this is completely normal and safe smell of natural rubber. Overtime the smell just disappears.


All you need to do it use a mild liquid soap and warm water to wash the dummies and allow to air dry. Once again ensuring any trapped water is squeezed out of the teat. You can also place the dummy in a strainer and pour boiling water through it if you need extra sterilisation. Natural rubber should not sit in water so the dummies should not be washed in a bottle steriliser, dishwasher or soaked in water after the first clean. If they do, they can get a harmless but ugly whitish layer on them called scale. Usually it can be removed with a few soapy washes and allowing to fully dry

You should also know that being natural rubber, your dummy will eventually darken in colour and may feel sticky to touch, this is when it should be replaced. All dummies including our coloured natural rubber dummies should be replaced every 8 weeks with regular use.

You should always inspect the dummy carefully before each use, especially when your child has teeth. Pull it in all directions and throw it away at the first sign of damage. A cord or ribbon attached to a dummy poses a strangulation hazard, especially when attached to your child's clothes so best to use the dummy on its own if unsupervised.

When to replace the dummies

All dummies including Cub & Bear Co coloured natural rubber dummies should be replaced every 8-12 weeks (depending on how frequently they are used) . As long as you carefully inspect the dummy before each use (especially when your child has teeth) there isn't any harm in using it for a longer period of time, however you’ll notice the rubber get darker and possibly sticky, which a sign it’s time to replace the dummy.