Are natural rubber dummies safe for babies?

If you’re comparing a traditional dummy to a natural rubber alternative here is what you need to know. Not only are natural rubber dummies safe they are a better option for the environment and your baby.

Here’s why:

  • 100% natural, so naturally chemical free – Natural rubber dummies are nontoxic, BPA free, free from phthalates and parabens. Natural rubber dummies are safe from chemical softeners and other harmful chemicals because rubber is naturally soft. Natural rubber dummies are simply made from sap from the hevea brasiliensis, nothing else.
  • No marks on delicate skin- Soft rubber also means bub is safe from marks that can be caused by hard plastic shields.
  • A single piece is safer – Natural rubber dummies like Cub & Bear Co’s coloured dummies are created as a single piece of rubber which makes them one of the safest dummies. A single piece means there is nowhere for germs to accumulate and no parts to separate and potentially become a choking hazard
  • Safer for the environment - Rubber pacifiers are also eco friendly as they are biodegradable. This does mean that they should be replaced every 8-12 weeks but it’s worth it knowing your baby is sucking on something safe and natural.
  • They meet Australian safety standards – Always look for products that meet Australian safety standards. Our government set standards to make sure products are safe for consumers and you can be sure those that meet Australian safety standards have been tested to comply with our rules.


If you’re looking for a safe natural rubber dummy that still looks nice check out our coloured natural rubber dummies.

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