Are dummies safe for babies?

Not all dummies are created equal. Experts say that a safe dummy doesn’t have separate parts that can come away and become a choking hazard and has ventilation holes in the shield to prevent suffocation on the off chance a baby manages to put the whole dummy in their mouth.

Safe use and care of dummies is also important.

Dummies should not be attached to your child’s clothes because things like a ribbon or string presents a strangulation risk. All dummies should be inspected thoroughly before every use, especially when your child has teeth. Dummies should all be replaced every few months to avoid damage from wear and tear no matter what type they are. They should also be washed regularly and never left in direct sunlight.

The safest dummies are those made from a single piece so parts can’t separate. They often come in natural rubber or silicone. The extra benefit of getting a natural rubber dummy is that being a natural product it’s free from any nasties. Natural rubber dummies are free from toxins, chemical softeners, BPA, PVC, Phthalates and parabens.

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