Tasteful Pregnancy Announcements

Here are a few ways you can announce your pregnancy to friends and family in a tasteful way. There are a couple of settings you’ll likely want to consider, announcements in person to immediate family as well as sharing with friends and family on social media or even in a message.

Before we get into the ideas of how to tell them we also need to consider when. The timing is obviously whenever you feel comfortable but often couples wait until after they get the all clear at their 12 week scan.

Tasteful pregnancy announcements in person

If you are looking for a more creative way to share the news with close family or friends than simply saying it but don’t want to be too cheesy here are a few ideas:

  • Celebrate with a drink - Bring a bottle of wine with a personalised label saying ‘I’ll join you in August’ or ‘Have a glass for me. Baby due 21.08.20”. Alternatively you can take a non-alcoholic wine and you’ll have something to drink too. There are companies that create these like The Wine Point or Zazzle, or you could simply print and stick on your own.

Tasteful pregnancy announcementTasteful pregnancy announcementTasteful pregnancy announcement

  • Take dessert - Share a box of cupcakes, donuts or biscuits with a little note on the lid saying something like “Enjoy, I don’t want to be the only one with a belly. Baby Smith due 21 August”

Tasteful pregnancy announcementTasteful pregnancy announcement

Parent (AKA soon to be Grandparent) specific announcement

  • A gift in a box - A box with a little item that can be kept at their house like a dummy or a bib. You could attach a note revealing the gender or make it gender neutral and simply give them a gift that might be useful at their place in the future.

Tasteful pregnancy announcementTasteful pregnancy announcement

  • A box of new names - An easy option is a box with little cards that have different names for grandparents like ‘Grandpa, Pop, Gramps, Popa etc” and a note asking them to choose their new name wisely.

Tasteful pregnancy announcement

Photos for social media or to send via text

  • Flat lay - A simple but beautiful option is a flat lay in gender neutral colours or gender specific. You could include items that you’ll end up using like wooden toys, a dummy, dummy chain, muslin wrap or a wooden brush. Or include novelty items like a page from a calendar, a message board or baby shoes. Adding flowers or foliage also helps brighten it up. This type of picture could be captioned ‘Our greatest adventure begins in August’ or ‘We can’t wait to meet you’

Tasteful pregnancy announcementTasteful pregnancy announcement

  • Involve a pet – Pets are often our first babies so it’s very fitting to include them in the announcement of their new sibling. That is if you can get them to co-operate for the photo. It can be accompanied by a caption like ‘Bailey will have a new playmate in August’

Tasteful pregnancy announcementTasteful pregnancy announcement

Image via indulgy  and  Christine Choi Photography

  • Use an ultra sound as it speaks 1,000 words – You first look at your bub is one of the most precious pictures and is extremely self-explanatory when people see them. You could take a picture with the ultra sound or on it’s own or even add it to your flat lay. This type of image wouldn’t require a long caption maybe just the due date ’21 AUGUST 2020’

Tasteful pregnancy announcementTasteful pregnancy announcement

Photo by Married to the Diamond

  • Balloons - They are a simple way to announce the arrival of your baby and you can easily find artwrap baby foil balloons from Spotlight. Take photos with them outside or against a simple white all.

 Tasteful pregnancy announcementTasteful pregnancy announcement

Photo by The Family Films